How dangerous can a picture be?

PI John Kite’s job is to recover stolen art but this is a crime like no other. Three men are murdered to get a dull, forgotten painting. A crazy, pointless heist? Or something far more sinister?

Kite’s a tough ex-cop and firearms specialist, but he’s up against a foreign spy who’s planning havoc and mayhem, not an art show. To complicate matters, Kite’s being followed by a kooky – and sexy – young woman. Who’s she working for? Even worse, Kite’s got a shameful secret in his past that he thinks is well hidden – until he realises someone’s on to it.

What Kite is chasing down isn’t just a painting: it’s the most explosive art in the world. Can he stop the impending cataclysm?


The biggest art heist in history – the Government turns to John Kite for help.

In this fast-paced crime-thriller Kite rescues a girl from certain death as unexplained demonstrations in museums cause a riot on social media. Kite tracks down an international gangster chasing vast wealth at the public’s expense and encounters a killer from his own troubled past. Kite himself is pursued by the police but uncovers lies and deceit at the heart of government which puts the Prime Minister’s life in danger.

Meanwhile a mammoth bonfire is prepared: what or whom is meant to burn on it?

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I was born and brought up in London but have lived and worked around the UK, in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Cheltenham, Glasgow.
My working life started in BBC Radio. I then spent some years as an actor which included a stint in the first series (yes, it was that long ago) of Poldark, which the late Clive James famously called “a wall of corn from Cornwall.” Then I went into TV production, spending most of my career as a Drama Producer specialising in Soaps and popular Series. I produced Brookside, Emmerdale, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married and the very first series of Heartbeat. I co-produced the action adventure series BUGS and wrote some episodes and helped get BBC Scotland’s River City going. I’m pleased to say the soap is still running.
And also still running is my marriage. I’ve been married to Lin for a heck of a long time. We have two daughters, Tessa and Juliet, and two grandchildren. We currently live in Northampton.


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